6-7 Feb 2021
14.00 - 20.00 GREEK TIME
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About our webinar


  • 60 Years dedication in reviving Classical Homeopathy,
  • 60 Years tireless teaching to homeopaths from all over the world,
  • 60 Years unparalleled experience in treating patients of diverse pathologies and varied complexities !

The two ground-breaking concepts, “Levels of Health” and “The Continuum of a Unified Theory of Diseases”, are the fruits of a magnanimous work spanning 60 years by Prof. George Vithoulkas, for which the whole Medical Community are indebted.

The intention of this Special Vithoulkas Webinar 2021 is to cogently present these exceptional and invaluable theories so that everyone can reap benefit from them with Prof. George Vithoulkas in person.

The Lecturers from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece, Dr Atul Jaggi, Dr Seema Mahesh, Dr Mahesh Mallappa and Dr Latika Jaggi, will be demonstrating the practical significance of these theories, exemplifying them with cured chronic cases and showcasing the educational videos of Prof. George Vithoulkas which will further clarify these theories in the minutest detail.

The grand feature of the Special Vithoulkas Webinar 2021 will be that Prof. George Vithoulkas will appear live and answer the multitudinous questions of participants himself, thereby making it a fulfilling and memorable experience.

Simultaneous Translation in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian and German


Our Speakers

Professor George Vithoulkas is internationally recognised as the personality who revived Classical Homeopathy in our times. He is the teacher of the majority of contemporary teachers and became famous because of the information he gave to his students worldwide.

Thousands of doctors have been educated by him and many became teachers of homeopathy. This is the sole reason the homeopathic movement was revived all over the world.

Professor Vithoulkas is the only teacher that enables students to attend all his live cases and explains the method of taking a case, analysing it and how to arrive at the right decision for a remedy. But the most important advantage for the students is that they can see the follow-ups and what happened with the prescription. In this way, he shows students the whole process of treating a case and therefore reveals the complete information about the application of Classical Homeopathy. This process is actually replacing the process that takes place in conventional medical hospitals.

His knowledge comes through his untiring efforts in the last 60 years to improve, through practice and constant research, the standards of education in order that the Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy will be accepted by Medical Universities.


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