Testimonial Category: WEBINAR NOVEMBER 2021

testimonial 10

Thank you very much for the webinar in the weekend. It was excellent and brought a lot of new insights. Normally I am tired in the middle of the day. Today however, I think this seminar gave me wings!!! I worked all day long and I did not feel tired nor did the concentration drop. […]

testimonial 9

All participants write that apart from wonderful cases and presentations, the webinar left a deep mark on the souls, and that it takes time to comprehend and understand the main ideas heard. Each time we think that this webinar was the best, but each next one turns out to be deeper and more interesting. Each […]

testimonial 3

Yesterday was a very special day of the webinar, in particular due to the topic that our beloved Professor raised. It hits the very heart and every time, listening to our teacher, I think how much wisdom is concentrated in one person and how exactly he knows what to say and how, so that our […]

testimonial 2

What a talk on human race and evolving diseases with passage of time when we started using our head over our heart. Have Humans really evolved? Is there any possibility for natural selection and survival of fittest of people using heart over head once again? A healthy human race once again with universal love than […]

est 1

Excellent webinar, our Professor’s speech was an injection in the deep muscles of our mind. All the cases were eye opening and very informative. Thank you all for all the efforts to keep us connected to the source.t