testimonial 3

Yesterday was a very special day of the webinar, in particular due to the topic that our beloved Professor raised. It hits the very heart and every time, listening to our teacher, I think how much wisdom is concentrated in one person and how exactly he knows what to say and how, so that our hearts beat faster. Many thanks to my beloved Atul and Latika, the historical postings were very informative and, as usual, Atul impresses with his vision of the case and its solution. My Huge thanks to dear Seema and Mahesh. Yesterday’s speech by Seema inspired me to study the pathophysiology in more detail and to be very precise and verified in each case. Thank you, dear Mahesh, for the detailed presentation, step by step we followed the logic and strict laws of the principles of classical homeopathy.
Thanks to the whole team, and in particular to the director of the IACH, Maria Chorianopoulou, who works for the benefit of each of us and the advancement of our precious science on a global scale. Thank you very much and looking forward to see you soon again.

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